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Ivy Kids kit - The Very Lonely Firefly

Ivy Kids kit - The Very Lonely Firefly

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In Ivy Kids Kit featuring the book The Very Lonely Firefly by Eric Carle, you will find:

  • The board book version of The Very Lonely Firefly  by Eric Carle. 
  • Read along Bookmark: Use to assist with reading comprehension.
  • My Firefly: Use the materials provided to create your own firefly that glows in the dark!
  • The Very Lonely Firefly - Story Retelling Cards: Use the cards to retell the story of the lonely firefly.
  • My Very Own Lantern: Use collage to create a beautiful and colorful lantern that glows in the dark with a battery operated tea light. 
  • The Amazing Firefly: Learn fun and interesting facts about fireflies. Then try to label all the firefly's body parts. Learn about the firefly's ability to create light. Recreate the firefly's light using glow sticks.
  • Firefly Hunt: Spend a warm summer evening hunting for fireflies. Use the net, bug catcher tool, and jar to collect and observe fireflies. Use the tools provided in the kit to study these insects up close and then release them back into nature!
  • Bug Catch Game: Use the bug catcher tool to snatch up some bugs. Each time you catch some bugs, add them to your ten frame bug jar.
  • How Many Bugs in the Jar?: Pick a number card and “catch” that number of insects with your net. How many insects are in your jar?
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Tissue Paper Collage FireflyDecorate a giant paper firefly with colorful tissue paper and glow-in-the-dark paint. Enjoy your firefly in the day and night!
  • Flashlight Hunt with Letters: Use your flashlight to find letters in the dark.
  • Flashlight Hunt with Sight Words: Use your flashlight to find words in the dark.
  • Fireflies in the Night - Scratch Art: Scratch the black paper to create a colorful night scene. Then add firefly stickers to your picture.
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Fingerprint Firefly Jar: Use your fingerprints to create a personalized glow-in-the-dark firefly jar.
  • Bugs in the Jar Game: Roll the dice and cover the numbers on the board with insects. Keep rolling the dice until one player has covered all the numbers on the board.
Your Kit includes a guide for each activity to help promote your child’s learning while you play together.
At Ivy Kids, we know that every child is unique. In your guide, you will find tips to
modify each game based on the age and development of your child.
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