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Ivy Kids Kit - Dinner at the Panda Palace

Ivy Kids Kit - Dinner at the Panda Palace

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In February's Ivy Kit, featuring the book Dinner at the Panda Palace by Stephanie Calmenson you will find:

  • The book Dinner at the Panda Palace by Stephanie Calmenson
  • Read along Bookmark: Use to assist with reading comprehension.
  • Mr. Panda: Make a chef hat and apron for you panda and use him to act out the story.
  • Animal Stickers and Unifix Cubes: Place the animal stickers on the unifix cubes and use the cubes to act out or retell the story.
  • Animal Stairs: Place unifix cubes on the "stairs" to represent the number of animals entering the restaurant. 
  • Memory Game: Take turns flipping over a pair of cards and try to match the number card to the correct number of animals.
  • Make Your Own Chef Hat: Decorate and create your own chef's hat.
  • Make Your Own Apron: Decorate your own apron. 
  • Create Your Own Menu: Use the menu, food stickers, and markers to create a menu for your very own restaurant.  
  • My Very Own Restaurant: Dressed in your very own chef's hat and apron, make the food from your menu using play dough and serve it to your customers on a plate 
  • Feed the Animals Board Game: Take turns spinning the animal spinner. Feed the animal that the spinner lands on by placing a unifix cube at that animal's table. See which animal gets fed the most and which animal gets fed the least.
  • Word Family Cards: Place the alphabet stickers on the unifix cubes and connect the cubes to make rhyming words.
  • Animal Food Facts: Use the boards to learn about the real foods animals like to eat.
  • Follow the Path: Trace the path from the animal to learn their favorite food.
  • What Do I Like to Eat: After learning about what animals like to eat, draw your favorite food. 


Your Kit includes a guide for each activity to help promote your child’s learning while you play together.
At Ivy Kids, we know that every child is unique. In your guide, you will find tips to
modify each game based on the age and development of your child.
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