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Ivy Kids Kit - Rabbits and Raindrops

Ivy Kids Kit - Rabbits and Raindrops

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This kit contains over 12 science, math, art, literacy, and engineering activities inspired by the book Rabbits and Raindrops, which is a story about a mother rabbit and her babies that are exploring the world outside their burrow for the first time. This month children will create a soft bunny with pom-poms, construct a bunny nest, make a weather wheel to track the weather, build a sun catcher and rainbow maker, decorate a magnetic bunny frame, plant clover seeds, learn about water diffusion by making colorful flowers with markers and water, play math and literacy games with mini bunnies, plus so much more. 

Everything children need to read, play, create, and learn is included! This kit is packed with endless fun!

The style and/or colors of certain items may vary. 

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