April's Subscription Kit - Are You A Ladybug?

04 April, 2017

Spring is here and we are excited for April's kit featuring the book Are you a Ladybug? This humorous and interesting story will introduce children to the life of a ladybug.

This month children will explore realistic ladybug life cycle figures, create clay models, decorate a ladybug box, paint rocks, grow a ladybug garden, play racing games, catch aphids and so much more!

Get all the details at New subscribers can save 20% on this kit with code IVY20

Mouse Paint

11 July, 2014

Without question, June has been one of the most hectic and exciting months in our household and with the shipment of our first kits, Jump, Frog, Jump!, we are officially open for business.

 WHEW, but there's no time for breaks now because we've started rolling out the next month's kit and we're extremely excited about this one as well.



It's an amazing kit based around the book Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh and it's so jammed packed full of fun, that I'm sure kids are going to love it!


Check it out.

We've updated our Kit of the Month page to showcase all the great activities included in August's kit and as you'll see this is a kit for the budding artist as well as a learning tool. I've never met a kid who could resist painting and modeling clay, and everything you'll need to get started comes inside each and every kit.

If you're considering subscribing, check out our Press page often for recent reviews and to see what others are saying.

If you're one of our customers, first, we want to say thank you and we hope that you're enjoying the kits. Secondly, we're always looking for feedback and we'd love to hear what you think of your kit. So send us an email at, or post a comment on our facebook page IvyKidsKits, or even tweet us a pic @ivykidskits #ivykidskit.

You can really let everyone know how much you love your kit by posting a review on the Kit of the Month page.

Thanks for everyone's support. Till next time.


Ivy Kits Pre-Order Launch

17 April, 2014

We've been busy finalizing the activities and projects for the first month's subscription. The kit is ready to explode; it's stuffed to the brim. Our test groups have all been thoroughly impressed with the product, and we hope you are too.

Our subscription pre-order is now open! By checking out the plans we offer here, you can reserve your kit and receive our fun-filled first kit based on the book Jump, Frog, Jump! by Robert Kalan.

As a mother of 2 wonderful children I'm positive that these boxes will bring hours of joy and creativity to your family-time. These precious hours we spend with our young children can never be paused or DVR'd and once they're gone they are gone forever. My hope is that each family that invites us into their homes will use these activities and stories as tools, to promote creativity and learning and fortify the pillars of their family bond. 

Thank you for taking the time to view our site, and hopefully you'll return again soon as we continue expand our content each month with new story theme kits and showcase other ideas to help stimulate your child's mind and interests.